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Anodizing Treatment For Aluminium Tile Trim

Although the surface of aluminium tile trim can naturally generate a layer of oxide film in the air, but the surface film is thin and loose, so can not be used as a reliable protective layer. With the development of aluminum industry, anodizing processes are more and more widely used on the surface of the aluminium tile trim and other aluminium profiles, such a layer can not only protect the surface, but also decorate with many different colors. Anodizing film obtained by chemical reaction, the thickness is generally 0.3-0.4um, so except for special purposes, rarely used alone. But it has good adsorption capacity, in its surface and then painted, can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum products and decorative. The anodized oxide film, the thickness of 5-20v m, hard anodic oxide film thickness of up to 60 - 2500m, trim line film also has the following features:
1. Has good performance at insulation: the anodizing layer on the aluminium tile trim has good performance at insulation.
2. Adiabatic heat resistance: This is because the thermal conductivity of the anodic oxide film is much lower than that of pure aluminum. The anodic oxide film can be resistant to about 15001C, while the pure aluminum can only resist 660 C. To sum up, aluminum and aluminum alloy After chemical oxidation treatment, especially after anodic oxidation treatment, the oxide film formed on the surface has the characteristics of good protection and decoration. Therefore, is widely used in aviation, electrical, electronics, machinery manufacturing and home improvement decorative building materials and so on.
3. Higher hardness: pure aluminum oxide film hardness than aluminum oxide film hardness. Usually, its hardness and aluminum alloy composition, anodic oxidation process conditions related to the electrolyte. Anodic oxide film is not only high hardness, but also has good wear resistance. Particularly, the porous oxide film of the surface layer has the ability to adsorb the lubricant, and the wear resistance of the surface can be further improved.
4. A higher corrosion resistance: This is due to trimming line anodic oxide film has a high chemical stability. After testing, the aluminum anodic oxide film than the anodized aluminum alloy film corrosion resistance. This is because the alloy composition inclusions or the formation of metal compounds can’t be oxidized or dissolved, the oxide film discontinuity or create voids, so that the corrosion resistance of the oxide film is greatly reduced. Therefore, the general anodic oxidation obtained after the membrane must be closed in order to improve its corrosion resistance.