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Benefits Of Aluminium Tile Trim

Aluminium tile trim has over 15 years of development in China, it's a type of aluminium profile for ceramic tile installation. More and more profile shapes and surface finishes are available to meet the requirements on the market, aluminium tile trim comes with so many features: aesthetics, rust-resistance, durability, tile edging protection and so on, it's a perfect option for the decoration of your kitchen, bathroom, flooring, stair and so on.

A plenty of profiles and surface colors are available to meet deferent tile styles, no matter modern style or traditional style, there must be one to fit your taste, substantially improve your tiling decoration.

Tile trim is made of aluminium alloy is perfect material that can withstand the rust & corrosion, so you don't need to worry about color fading on it.

Aluminium tile trim can withstand impact & scratch, so it's very suitable to be used on stair step and other occasion with high pedestrian traffic.

Edging Protection
Ceramic tile, just like glass, is a type of fragile material, so it goes with the tile trim at its edging can be protected from cracking and chipping.

Easy Maintenance
Just like ceramic tile, tile trim is easy to clean, you don't need to use detergents and acids, all these beneficial features can last the life span of your decoration.