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How To Choose Tile Trim & Carpet Trim?

Now there are a variety of tile trim and carpet trim available on the building material market, and sometimes it is difficult for customers to choose what kind of trim for their decoration, tile trim and carpet trim can be categorized into aluminum trim, stainless steel trim, PVC trim, They all have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Most of the stainless steel trim are considered as the ideal material that is anti-rust & glossy, indeed these are the advantages of stainless steel trims, but as time passes, 201 stainless steel profile is exposed to the moisture and the air, slowly the surface will be a small black spots, and it is easy to find, we can look at the bathroom at home, hanging the kind of stainless steel tube, you know, as long as the rust, the surface Will be very ugly, and very obvious. If you say, buy a little stainless steel corners, such as 304 stainless steel? 304 stainless steel trim is much better than 201 and much more durable, but its price is absolutely more expensive.
Stainless steel trim mainly has two colors: bright silver and bright gold. For the matching and tile or some limitations. Another stainless steel trim in the process, because the material is literally hard, so they are pressed out of the shape, so thin profile is easy to deform. All these tips are for learning how to purchase and use tile trim or carpet trim,. So choosing trim profiles not only depends on the material, but also on the quality of processing and manufacturing.