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How To Select Quality Transition Strips

1. Be careful of the surface of transition strips, such as color and the color and flatness are very important. If the surface is very rough, this is the transition strips of the surface quality problems. With the transition strips of the material inside and outside the quality is not much relationship, mainly the transition strips of the production process and the production of technical skills. Good transition strips banding is: the surface must be smooth, no blistering or little blistering, no pull or little pull, glossy moderate, not too bright or too matte (unless there are special requirements).

2. Whether the strength and flexibility are okay, strong means that the wear resistance is good, the corresponding quality is better, the intensity is too high also means that the processing of increased difficulty. Flexibility is not high means that wear resistance is not high, anti-aging ability is low. In addition, according to the actual production needs, generally need to hand-trim, you can do the appropriate soft point, automatic transition strips machine can be done properly.

3. The surface of transition strips is difficult to close with the surface color in the difficult sheet. PVC transition strips banding is mainly made of PVC and calcium carbonate together with the production of additives, if the calcium carbonate content is too high, there will be transition strips white, bending white and so on, to prove that such products of poor quality.

4. Look at the side of the transition strips of the transition strips and the bottom of the flat, thick Po is uniform, otherwise it will lead to the transition strips of the band and the combination of the Department of plastic line is too eye-catching or the transition strips of the sheet and the transition strips of this gap is too much impact on the overall beauty. Details determine success or failure, often a small detail of the problem, may bring the overall effect of the poor embarrassing situation.

5. Whether the adhesive is covered evenly on the surface of profile back.