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How To Use Tile Trim And Tile Edging

1. Disadvantages When Installing Without Tile Trim:
A. Need a lot of work to polish the tile edging.
B. If select ceramic tiles with poor quality, there will be uneven edge, and easy to be damaged when polishing the tile edging.
C. After grinding the tile, the edge of tile would become thinner, fragile, easy to crack.
D. Edging noise and dust pollution, does not meet the trend of environmental protection.
E. A long time, tile docking will have a gap, into the dust dirty unsanitary.
2. Advantages When Installing With Tile Trim:
A. Installation is convenient, labor-saving, time-saving, material saving. When using the angle of the tile or stone do not have angle, chamfer, tile and stone will be attached to the master only three nails to complete the installation.
B. Decoration beautiful, bright. Angle arc smooth, straight lines, can effectively guarantee the package side paste angle straight, so that the corners of the decoration more three-dimensional beauty.
C. Rich colors, can be the same color, so brick surface, edge line consistency, can also be used in different colors, in contrast.
D. Can well protect the corners of the tile.
E. Product environmental performance, the use of various raw materials on the human body and the environment without adverse effects.
F. Safety, arc relief right angle to reduce the harm caused by the collision.
3.How To Use Tile Trim:
A. Use three nails to fix the tile trim to the installation so that the tile line is parallel to the wall. (Note: When the angle is fixed, the reserved corner must be the same space as the thickness of the tile used for tiling connection with the tile on the other side.
B. Tile adhesive or cement tile shop in the corner line, affixed to the tile, tile angle to keep the arc surface and tile joints close.
C. Shop the other side of the tile, with the tiles close to the angle line, to maintain contact angle line with the tiles smooth, seamless.
D. Laying tile trim properly, the tile angle and the arc surface wipe clean, the installation is complete.