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Installation For Aluminum Stair Nosing

To make stairs look good, stair nosing is one of the most important ports for installation, it's fixed at the edge of stair step, so we also call it as stair edging. With regard to the material, it's available in wood, plastic and metal, aluminum stair nosing is the most ideal option as it features with durability, non-corrosibility and other excellent performances, and also with reasonable price.
The plane surface and vertical surface form an angle at 90 degrees, the first step is to clean the stair steps, gelatinize evenly on the front part of the steps and on the angle back of the nosing profile, and dry slightly out before bonding, use a rubber hammer to hit properly on joining part. Or fix the profile with screws the steps, and finally the surface can be inserted plastic strips for anti-slip.
Tips: due to that marble tiles, ceramic tiles and other materials that is not easy to be punched with hole, so fixing with adhesive is recommended. Screw fixing is the ideal way for fixing on the wood or PVC panels.