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Why Use Corner Trim For Your Wall Decoration?

Talking about decoration on the corner of wall, what would be the ideal material to do it? Why don't use Corner Trim? It can not only make the wall decoration, but also can protect the edge and angle of wall tile from cracking and chipping. According to the material types on manufacturing of corner trim, we can choose aluminum trim, stainless steel trim, PVC trim, wooden trim and so on, according to the installing positions, there is internal corner trim and external corner trim, the trim strips are usually pre-punched with hole for embedding in the cement to prevent loosening.
Metal material has the advantage of its durability, especially aluminum trim features with corrosion resistance and flatness etc. Plastic trim can prevent rust, though it's not rigid and durable as metal trim, but it is more light in weight and convenient to use, furthermore, the cost is cheaper, but the the adhesion of plastic is not good as aluminum.
Generally speaking, the angle of the trim is 90 degrees, but in order to protect the edge of the wall tile and tightly cling to the wall, the angle of external corner trim is than 90 degrees, and the angle of internal corner trim is less than 90 degrees, once the alignment can be attached to the corner.